Site Policies


Kleen-Tex thoroughly examines the information/data mentioned in this site, however, we are not liable for accuracy, validity, safety and any other guarantee of the data/information.
The information/data mentioned in this site is available at the time when mentioned, therefore, the said information/site may become inconsistent in actual practice as time passes. Kleen-Tex shall not be liable for any damage caused by the fact that our customers has accessed to our website or our customers could not access to our website.
Kleen-Tex may change, modify or delete the information/data disclosed in this site without prior notice.

At the same time, this site may be suspended or closed with or without the reasons.
Kleen-Tex shall not be liable for any damage caused to the customers by the change, modification or delete, or the suspension or close of the website.


Any access to this website is free, as a general rule. However, the following type of access shall not be admitted.

+ Links from the website s which display anti-public order and standards of decency or the website which damages the reputation and dignity of Kleen-Tex.

+ Links from the websites which display the contents of abuse and defamation against Kleen-Tex, our staff and board members.

+ Links from the websites which cause misunderstandings that Kleen-Tex is in cooperation or support of organization of the website.

+ Links from the websites which cause misunderstandings about the senders of information including the frame links.

Kleen-Tex shall not be liable for any contents of the websites linked from Kleen-Tex website.


Kleen-Tex shall reserve the copyrights of the contents including the information/data of this website, as a general rule. Unless otherwise authorized for personal use or cases approved by the other copyrights, the use (including copy, modification, distribution) of these information is prohibited without prior consent from Kleen-Tex.

Handling of Personal Information/Data

Kleen-Tex shall handle/administer/manage/control the personal information/data adequately, on a basis of the following policies.

Collection of Personal Information/Data
Kleen-Tex may ask our customers to provide us with personal information in this site in the following occasions.

+ Request for brochure regarding our service or inquires

+ Answers to questionnaires

In the above-mentioned cases, the purposes for use shall be clearly specified prior to requesting information/data.

Objectives of the Use of Personal Information/Data
The information/data provided by our customers shall be utilized within the usage notified at collection of the information/data, for the justified purposes including the development of better products and the improvements of service.
Protection and Control of Personal information/Data
Kleen-Tex shall appoint a person(s) in charge of protecting the personal information/data in each organization and conduct appropriate management/control.
Disclosure of the Personal Information to the Third Party(ies)
Kleen-Tex shall not disclose any information/data belonging to its customers to the third party(ies) without prior consent from the customers, subcontracting, and justifiable cause.

Laws & Ordinances

The use of this website and operation of the regulations shall be subject to the laws/ordinances of Japan, unless otherwise specified.