Environmental Activities / Environmental Policies

Environmental Activities

Kleen-Tex sells a product named “Eco Mat Series” made from recycled Plastic bottles.
Kleen-Tex manufactures and sells mats in which the yarn is made from recycled plastic bottles. Again promoting the “environmental-friendly” concept.
Products of recycled from plastic bottles such as,Hardrap ECO, Exceed 2, Anti-Bacteria ECO, Anti-Bacteria ECO for Toilet
Recycling of Packing Material (styrene foam, polyethylene film, cardboard boxes)
The cardboard boxes used for packing are recycled, and Styrofoam and polyethylene film are re-used or recycled.
We are promoting 3R activities: RECYCLE, RE-USE, REDUCE
Sorting and Recycling
The fabric and rubber scraps were disposed as industrial waste, but, the rubber scraps are now recycled for chips. As a result, we are reducing the amount of industrial waste.
Reduction of Papers
We store all documents in a database system and promote the paperless system. Copied papers never go to waste. We make sure both sides of the paper are used then they are collected by a contractor, who will then use this paper for recycled toilet paper products.
Compliance with Law & Regulation
We measure the drained water from boiler, the washing test water and the noises caused by production facilities. We set higher standards than the regulations. (In order to fulfill our standards, we installed the continuous monitoring devices for drained water, moved the source of noises and built a noise-protection wall.
Idling Stop Activities
We are promoting “Idling Stop” activities for our employees, the company, suppliers, and delivery companies.
The Greenery Activities
The greenery activities are actively promoted in our premises in order to improve the surrounding environment.
Environmental Audit
An annual audit is performed by an outside organization to ensure that the environmental management system is continuously and effectively executed. An internal audit is also performed twice a year.
Educational Activities Regarding Environment
A management representative lectures 5 times a year on environmental training to all our employees. This training contributes to the constant environmental awareness of the employees.

Environmental Policies

We are ISO14001 certified to work for environmental issues. We disclose our Environmental policies to show our commitment to the environment.

Registration date : July, 2000
Last updated date : July, 2012
Registration number : E152

  • 1 We continue to be an environmental conscious company, which contributes to our society and community, through the activities caring for the environment as a company which designs, develops, produces and sells dust control mats.

    2 We continuously improve and develop our environmental management and performance, as well as perform new technological developments utilizing the recycled resources and examining the effective use of raw material and energy in order to prevent pollution.

    3 Kleen-Tex shall strictly abide by all laws/ordinances concerning the environment and the promises made to the local communities. We will maintain these high standards.

    4 We declare the environmental aims and targets of the company to achieve our goals, we will to conduct and review the environmental activities at every step including development, production and sales.

    5 We clearly state our environmental policies, aims and targets to our employees and to our suppliers. We also provide the education and training, for each employee and encourage them involvement in the activities.

    6 We disclose our environmental statement and environmental policies widely through out the company.