Environment Friendliness Mat

Recycled Yarn from PET Bottles (to Obtain Eco Mark)

The recycled yarn, from PET bottles, is used for our PET yarn products.
The PET yarn, still feeling like nylon, shows high stability in alkali washing.
PET yarn, consisting only carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, does not discharge toxic substances when they are burned.
*PET yarn: polyethylene terephthalate

Rubber Development & Adoption for Countermeasure of Endocrine Disruptors

67 substances were nominated as “endocrine disruptors” by the Environmental Agency in May 1998. The substances include phthalic acid plasticizer, that is used as plasticizer (ex DOP • DBP • DEP • DCHP • BBP) for rubber and is obtained at low cost, and DOP is frequently used.
As the “rubber development & adoption for countermeasure of Endocrine Disruptors” contains no plasticizer similar to endocrine disruptor, the water drained from washing the mats has no toxic effects in the environments.

Activities Concerning Detergents

Activities to reduce the environmental loads
PRTR (Pollutant Release and Transfer Register)

The law aims to lower the discharge volume of chemical substances that affect, or are considered to affect, the environment, this law also is designed to control the environmental risks regarding the chemical substances.
The PRTR was legislated in July, 1999 in Japan, and the substances subject to the restriction were specified in March 2000. The discharge volumes generated from any business activities including the disposal of chemical substances into air, water and soil are checked and disclosed in the PRTR. The disclosure of the information necessary for the controlling procedures for handling chemical substances is required in the MSDS.
I Designated chemical substanceConsists 354 substances, which are subject to investigation & report for PRTR & MSDS.
These substances are known to be harmful to human health and the ecological system, and are currently found in a large volume in the environment.
II Designated chemical substanceThe chemical substances subject to the preparation of MSDS consist of 81 substances.
These substances are known to be harmful to human health and the ecological system, and currently anticipated to be found in the environment.

Kleen-Tex, Japan, Inc. is developing products which reduce the environmental loads according to the legal consideration.