Reliability Test

We produce mat nothing but with the materials which cleared a quality standard in the following inspection.

Basic way of thinking of a reliability test

*Need to meet the quality standard which customers demand to quality of raw material and products.
・*Possible to assume severe service conditions and secure quality of durability.
・*Observe conformity of regulation for our products.
・*Regular check and evaluate the products to keep consistent quality.

Scuffing test

We check the rubbing & abrasion durability.
And we check the color change, design change or fluffing by abrasion of pile.

Flexural failure test

Using “DeMattia” tester, we check the mats durability against the flexural failure caused by wash, dry and storage using

Tensile test

We check tensile durability caused by wash and dry.

Flammability test (over 2 square meter mat)

We test the tufted carpet to be approved “JIS Fire-resistant proof” as a fire-proofed material

Rubber cure test

The test to check the rubber of mats quality.

Color fastness test

We re-create the color-fade rate of pile by severe wash condition than usual.
And also we check the cross-stain to other mats.