Message from President / Management Concept

Message from President

We are aiming at a leading company
with our supreme products and service.
Kleen-Tex Japan Co., Ltd, was established in 1980 as a rental mat manufacturer. The company’s American parent was founded in 1967 in LaGrange, Georgia. Since the establishment of business 36 years ago, we have devoted ourselves to capturing the exact needs of the market. We develop quality products and services which provide added value and best practices to the customer. Kleen-Tex believes in manufacturing with the environment and conservation as a top priority.
To learn more about the products and services provided by Kleen-Tex, we encourage our customers to attend the “Mat Academy®”. This unique school first started in 2006 with the mission to encourage customers to develop and expand their rental mat market. Since the school’s inception there have been many “Mat Meister®” graduates. Another program we offer is the “Mat Clinic®”. During the clinic we teach customers how to properly maintain their mats so that they will remain in service for as long as possible. Having the viewpoint of several customers has allowed us to develop the best methods to wash and care for the mats. It is these types of programs that help Kleen-Tex receive positive evaluations from our customers.
Kleen-Tex is also excited to introduce new products to the market that add value to our customers, as well as to the end user. In recent years, Kleen-Tex has begun to use the floor mat as a communication medium. The floor mat is the perfect product to promote advertisements, and the mats can also be used to convey security and safety messages. Another segment that Kleen-Tex is entering is the household market. Our successful launch of “Wash+Dry” floor mats demonstrates how combining design with function can enhance interiors and entrances in the home.
Kleen-Tex continues our long history of communicating with our customers to better understand their needs. We use this information to create the products and services that meet their demands. For the future, we will remain committed to growing our company by expanding our horizons, inspiring our employees, and building long-term business relationships.
Saisei Oyama


We aim for establishing the company to be proud of and recognize the value of our own existence in the society.

Vision & Mission

  • Vision
    To be the world’s premier provider of matting solutions through innovation and integration of manufacturing, distribution, and service.
  • Mission
    To maintain excellence through continuous improvement in quality, production capability, product range, and customer service.
    To foster an environment where our people excel and the company returns value to our stakeholders.