Mat Academy

Objectives of Mat Meister System

Mat Meister® System, aims to bring up the dust control mat specialists, who will contribute to the continuous development of the dust control mat market. The courses include the appropriate usages and choice according to the purposes as well as quality, skills and washing processing skills. Those who have mastered the highest skills and acquired sufficient knowledge regarding dust control mats shall be certified with qualification, which will enable them to become dust control mat specialists.

What is Mat Meister?

Mat Meister® gives you the title which shows the highest rank of the mat service professionals. (There are 2 courses ;processing skills and sales) The title is certified by Kleen-Tex, which has been evaluated for its achievements and reputation as the business use mats manufacturer in the world.

How to Obtain Mat Meister

Applicants shall take the required curriculums (3 times/year) at Mat Academy® operated/managed by Kleen-Tex and pass the qualification test. If you miss one of the curriculums, you can not take the test.


An individual applicant shall be qualified after he/she passes the requirements & standards.

Course for processing skills (for those who are involved in the laundry)
Candidates shall possess remarkable skills and knowledge in the washing process.
Course for sales (for those are involved in the sales)
Candidates shall possess the remarkable and adequate knowledge concerning the usage and purpose of the mats.

Annual Conference

This is a seminar which possible to deepen knowledge as Mat Meister, with presentation of contents as annual programs from Gold rank, lecture of Dust Control matters. Not only participants this year but also participants in the past and colleagues can take part in this conference.